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Originally Posted by jase View Post
I mean bring on the rules.
Thought we'd been over this territory before....but 'ain't it fun getting a spirited debate going?

O.K. so moving right along. Apart from CWAS specifically excluding "professional" telescopes...hence banning my Hubble re-mix ...drat! ...thought it was in with a chance for 09... do you draw the line in the sand?

Simple. I still like the all my own work paradigm (short of building the Universe from scratch)

You want to set up system A: i.e. 'scope, mount, camera, guiders, focusers, filters, dome, PC, software and CAT 5 internet cable at the back of Bourke, then downlaod the results to your cosy suburban office....I am in awe of you! should win a prize just for the gutsy effort in making the system work reliably!

You want to just buy time on system A? Then I don't see the difference between a clever research proposal, or a Mastercard authority. it a LX200 or 32" RCOS or Hubble....someone else has done the hard yards.

...and rather like getting someone to run the first 39k's of the marathon for you, then claim, by running the last 1000 metres, you should be able to get the gold if you crossed the line first. This strikes me as being absurd.

If you want to rent a scope 'cos you like processing data from bigger scopes than your capital equipment budget allows. Great!

Claiming the end product as 99% your own? Might as well have someone put a pan/tilt Webcam on top of Everest...then say "hey look at the photo I took from the peak!" Nup. I just don't get it. I want to be the guy who climbed the mountain.
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