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I agree with Peter here. My experience is when the basics of this subject are done excellently and the data is great then the processing is very simple and minimal.

Whilst not a general statement but there is some truth to the statement that more processing is needed with less than adequate or good data and far less needed when the data is really high quality.

To me the ideal image really required the least amount of processing as everything in it was so good to start with.

But I do understand you love the processing side of this. It can be very absorbing and several outcomes are possible from the same set of data.


Jase, I think this is where our respective outlooks differ. I am not saying you are right and I am wrong, but simply that I personally put stock into getting great data far more than I do post IMHO you can't create detail that isn't there in the first place. i.e. I believe data is king.
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