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Its only a column of dust

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Thanks guys. Interesting observation about the seeing there Starkler, looks like it really is local pockets causing the grief. This part of melbourne is quite hilly and undulating so that probably is the major reason for the variation.

Originally Posted by astronut View Post
Great report Sab,
A 12" scope really starts to show you all the magic areas of the sky!!
I love to take a tour just like the one you have completed, and in those moments of exceptional seeing WOW!!!
On a number of occasions I've used nearly 400x on the Homunculus with mind blowing results, Jup also looks like I'm orbiting it, there is so much detail.
Winter is the best time to observe.
if I ever get to observe the Homunculus at 400x, I'd have tremendous viewing! That is one object that can't take magnification unless seeing is close to perfect.

As good as my Jupiter view was, I wasn't sure about my collimation, becasue when I rack the focuser in and out, the cheshire dot moves relative to the primary center spot. I decided to fiddle with it today and the situation is improved. There still is movement but it is very small. The secondary assembly on this scope is very old, rusty and it is a royal pain to collimate so I think I got it about as good as humanely possible. My plans are to get a new secondary + holder down the road.

Now that my collimation is closer to optimum (I hope!), it is freaking cloudy Guess that means I'll get even better views now. You know how it goes.
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