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Shooting professionally with Nikon for 22 years now, I simply love the stuff but can say that Nikon & Canon are both top brands. Nikon has been a tad slow of late in forwarding new 'in demand' products to the photographic community. They kind of sat back smugly but then Canon surged ahead & they eventually woke up & took notice. Nikons new cameras & lenses will be awesome & discussion on the 'Nikonians' website is VERY excited about the new products. As for Ken Rockwell, he has his admirers & detractors. I for one read his website but DONT take his reviews as gospel as he tends to praise cheapo lenses & has a tendancy to bag the $$$ pro lenses.He raved & raved about the new nikkor DX 18-200 zoom. I bought one, had it for a week & then sold it on ebay. It,for my needs, simply didnt cut the mustard. If i want informed information on all things Nikon, I turn to Nikonians,Thom Hogan & Bjorn 2 cents
BTW...Rocketboy is dead on the money when he says its the skill of the person taking the pic as opposed to the gear itself.
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