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Sale 150mm F8 achromat optical tube

150mm F8 ‘Celestron’ refracting telescope optical tube assembly for sale.
In early 2018 I purchased a Celestron achromatic refractor optical tube. Specifications are 150mm diameter F8- 1200mm focus. (Marketed as ‘6 inch refractor’.) The instrument performs very well as the diffraction disc and rings attest and has been mounted in my observatory since purchase, having received occasional use. When not in use, a dessicant sachet is maintained under the lens cap and another mounted at the eyepiece end of the tube.
Because I have recently purchased a Skywatcher ED instrument of the same specifications, I wish to sell this optical tube assembly. Attached to it are mounting rings and the standard narrow dovetail bar (CG-5), 9X50mm ‘straight through’ finder, and 2” to 1.25” adaptor for eyepieces. Total weight is given as 8.62kgs. (refer ‘Celestron’ website for specifics.) The asking price is $400, and for the present the instrument remains mounted so can be tested by any prospective purchaser. (I am situated at The Gap in Brisbane.) I have retained the original packing which is included.
Upon enquiry I will forward three images, one being an incredibly detailed prime focus image of the Moon, and the second a montage of varying exposures of Rigel with a 3X Barlow, cropped to demonstrate the star images formed. Both of these were taken in January 2020. A third image of the Eta Carina Nebula at prime focus dates from mid 2018. These images, somewhat modified for easier emailing, confirm the quality of the optics.

Contact Peter Anderson (07) 3300 6767 or

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