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An LED city "success"

Hello from Dunedin, New Zealand.

I want to shout out to the Dunedin City Council for listening to research, as well as informed locals about their choices in new LED tech for our city. I am just an over the moon astronomer who lives in the city...

We all know that town planners across the globe are looking to LED lighting to replace old incandescent lighting, indeed, many already have.

The cheaper option is to opt for 4000K or 3000K blue-white lighting, which is great for visual astronomy as the LEDs don't light up the night sky and is far more efficient than the previous lighting but really bad for human systems and worse for wildlife, throwing circadian rhythms out and disrupting all manner of creatures.

The Dunedin City Council have announced that they are fitting 2700K amber LEDs to wildlife sensitive areas of the region, plus round the observatory which is pretty amazing in these cost-cutting times!!

I wanted to share this as the Dark Skies group here in town has fought long and hard with presentations and submissions to council seeming to bang heads upon walls, but they listened, they noticed, and they have acted!

If you are in a similar situation, I hope the efforts of the Dunedin Dark Skies group can give you hope and inspiration

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