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Hi Nico,

Sorry that it took so long but I had a food poisoning

I have modified the ASCOM driver to clear the sensor via a bias shot before exposures. In the settings there is a text box that you can enter time into. If the exposure is longer than this time then the bias will be taken (and discarded) before the exposure. This takes about 1.6s extra. The firmware may be able to do it faster but I still have not figured out the details how it actually works so at the moment we are just taking a 2x binned image before the real image. Binned so that the reading is faster.

For example, if you take 1s exposure and:
- the text box has >=2 then the total imaging time will be about 3s.
- the text box has 0s then the total imaging time will be about 5s.
The real duration of the exposure is shown in the bottom of the settings window.

Note that I could not test this as my cam86 does not seem to show the problem. The cam86 firmware actually does some sort of clearing of the sensor before every exposure but as Grim commented long time ago, it may not work too well. I am not sure why I don't see the issue.

Can you try and see how you go. It is hard to make any changes without being able to test anything. The new driver (cam86_v0.4L_setup.exe) is in the same folder as the old drivers. The firmware is the same as before.

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