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Ryan, regarding the end of March, you will be cutting it very close to have it completed. You can probably get the parts in and the electronics working, however the housing will require lots of thought to implement. The G106 case has to be modified and adapters made to fit the focuser. Also the case has to be hermetically sealed to keep moisture out. Our plan is to use silica gel inside to trap moisture and also to fill the case with dry gas (argon for example) before closing it. That will prevent condensation on the cold finger/sensor which will be at sub-zero temperatures.

The TEC we are using is TEC2-19003, from ebay as well. I waited over 4 weeks for mine, stuff from China usually takes 4-6 weeks. By the way, I have just uploaded a new BOM with the TEC model (last line of the file).

I do have a 3D printer and have printed myself a very simple housing which works fine but the sensor is not cooled. It also leaks light through as I only had red filament so I used black electrical tape around it. Enough to play around but with cooling the camera will go to the next level. If you finish electronics before your trip I could print one housing for you as well.

And regarding finishing DIY projects, see my post here.

Are the UPS batteries 12V?
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