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Thanks Luka,

All of astronomy/AP has been a big learning curve, but man I have been loving it.

I agree about having another means of AP while i build something like this, I might get a webcam just to get me going, but I know full well I will quickly be longing for more than a webcam. I figure if I am going to drop some cash, I might as well get the best bang for buck that I can. Plus I am a sucker for DIY...

Scope is a SW 150/750 mounted on a EQ3 with tracking motors. I realise this mount is no good for long exposures, but one step at a time.

I am in the hills, in the Armadale area.

As far as the electronics go, I have been building/playing with them for many years including designing/making my own boards. Nothing at the level you guys are doing for board design though. Its been a while, but it is faster to refresh memory than to start from fresh. I should have most of the gear for building/testing my boards (soldering/rework station, variable psu, o-scope etc)

For the case, I dont think I will have too many issues. I have a small CNC router, have access to a lathe and mill and also access to a manufacturing shop through a mates business.

Hopefully I can be some help, but it could take a while to get up to speed on the camera and the AP thing in general. I will probably try to join a club or something to reduce the learning curve somewhat.
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