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Originally Posted by Slawomir View Post
That's awesome, thank you Ray. I will wait for the NB version
thanks Suavi. It isn't a major job and should be finished in the next few days - would be good to have it validated

Originally Posted by RickS View Post
Thanks for all the hard work, Ray! I'll be interested to have a dig through the details. I have a much simpler spreadsheet that I use for comparing performance of different scope/camera combinations.

Hi Rick - yep, a bit of effort went into it. Would be good to have a comparison with others.
Problem will be that other users will have to trust that there is no malicious software attached - there isn't any, but saying that really doesn't help . I kept it as "vanilla" as possible and I guess we all use other software from non-commercial sources, so perhaps there are precedents.

regards Ray
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