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Well i managed to get some images tonight, nothing that is ready to share but making progress. No issues with the camera but the support systems are driving me crazy. SG Pro is a learning curve for me, and coming from the dslr/BYEOS world it is very different. I have got focusing working fine now, but initally just worked with luminance through an open filter wheel spot as that easier than doing it through a narrowband filter. Did some test subs on the Lagoon Nebula, with no filters, just to see if the gain setting and sub lengths were right. Shot several different exposure lengths, 30, 60, 90, 120, 180 secs in luminance, to check the histogram and clipping. Shot some more in Ha to compare the histogram, and moving it right off the bias side does take some time. I probably have the camera setting wrong. I was initially using unity gain setting, and tried Jon Ristas suggestion of optimal gain at 60. The images are displayed on the screen after down loading but then when i tried to go into the file to have a look at the images there was nothing there. I have no idea why it is not saving images in the designated Light file. Update, just found out i have to right click on the temporary image to save it, hope there is away to save a sequence of images without having to save each one like that. Any suggestions on that? Is it a limitation of the trial version? It is supposed to be a full working version.
SGPro froze on me once for some reason, but that has been reported on CN as well, some sort of memory issues that ZWO is discussing with the SGPro people.
I may try APT the next session.
Hope someone else gets one of these cameras soon.

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