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Topic has diversed a bit to the old DSLR vs CCD debate.

At this stage, my plan is to send my camera to be cooled in March, so then I will have a low cost cooled OSC DSLR unit.

I will then save for a high efficiency, wide, mono chip CCD and filters that hopefully will be good for many years. Moravian, Atik, QSI and QHY will all be considered, but not at least for another 12 months.

I also think that for bright objects especially with red components such as M8, Trifid, Eagle, Eta Carina, etc etc, a modified DSLR still delivers similari"sh" results and a great return on effort vs cost vs return.

Effort vs cost vs return, particularly with a portable non observatory set up, is also something that I don't often see discussed and should (at least for me) be a crucial element in any consideration.

Clear skies.

John K.

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