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Thanks for all the comments Gents.

Originally Posted by LightningNZ View Post
If you have that sort of money, a cooled and mono Sony A7s is the way to go.
These are at 2000 euros. I can cool my current camera for only $500AUD or go totally mono for $1500AUD. So don't see it as a option with my budget. Also, I have not seen enough images from the A7s in any case.

Originally Posted by Peter.M View Post
1500 bucks is a good part of a QHY9 with a cooled mono sensor, filter wheel and filters.
This is what I was thinking but to cool my OSC DSLR at the moment as a stop gap.

Originally Posted by Paul Haese View Post
I am of the opinion that a cooled CCD is where you should be heading.
Agree Paul - but time and money always an issue.

Originally Posted by nebulosity. View Post
I cooled and monofied my 350D, see the thread Here.

I probably wouldn't going to all the trouble of cooling your 400D, I would spend the money on a newer camera that (uncooled) would almost be as good as a cooled 400D and save a lot of fuss.

If you were keen to go mono though, the 400D would be a good choice, but I don't think it worth the extra money to cool it. The extra sensitivity would somewhat negate the need for cooling anyway.

The 400D is quite noisy, and my best images have been taken when the sensor has been below 10 degrees. So I actually suspect cooling will really help here. Perhaps not as much with a newer Canon such as the 7D, but remember all I am talking about is a $500 investment.

Also - not fussed about having a full frame sensor. The current image size with my f/5 scope and coma corrector works well.

...mmmm...decision time!
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