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It's great GSO is kicking it into high gear and making some dam fine scopes for the money. ROFL at the negative comments made by some people, unless i lived in the middle of nowhere with perfect sky's why the hell would i buy a $20K scope and spend over $80k on this hobby. Would i lug a MX and a planewave to a dark site, hell no.

GSO offer dam fine bang for buck, its like a wrx vs a porsche, they may not be as great as the porsche though in terms of $'s you get something thats way better value. Its called performance per dollar index and gso kill on this. Hence the term the poor mans porsche given to the wrx or pepsi given to crystal meth hahahaha

Anyhow theres nothing wrong with spending big on scopes and gear by the way, though if you can't admit GSO is doing a great job and offering dam fine bang for buck then your probably on pepsi hahaha
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