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Originally Posted by frolinmod View Post
Not knowing anything about Scope Dome domes, I presume they have a standalone application for controlling the dome.

Have you set that up and gotten it to work correctly first?

Once you've done that, then how are you interfacing the dome hardware/software with TheSkyX Dome Add On?

Looks like it has an ASCOM dome driver.

I just downloaded and installed the Scope Dome driver standalone application and USB driver from the Scope Dome website. That didn't install an ASCOM driver and didn't seem to be what I really wanted, so I then downloaded and installed just the actual ScopeDomeUSBDome ASCOM dome driver from the Scope Dome website. I went into TheSkyX->Dome->Settings->Dome Setup->Choose->ASCOM Dome, I chose ScopeDomeUSBDome. Then I went into TheSkyX->Dome->Settings->Dome Setup->Settings, which brings up the ASCOM chooser again, I selected ScopeDomeUSBDome then ->Properties, I played around a bit with the Scope Dome ASCOM driver properties (which are extensive), then backed all the way out to TheSkyX proper and successfully connected to the dome. I don't even have a Scope Dome, so I don't know why any of that worked for me, but it did. So far so good. But like I said, I don't have the actual hardware, so can't go further.

No doubt others will know more than I do.

Thanks Ernie,

Yes it has a stand alone application. I have that working and opening and moving the dome.

The whole driver is an ascom application. I am using the exact same method in SkyX which you describe.

You have connected using the simulator for the dome. I can connect doing likewise too but when I am trying to connect the actual hardware I get the error message. This is the frustrating thing.
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