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Wide Field Platform - Potential Problem


I had an unused WO vixen long dovetail bar sitting in my garage. I mounted it length wise on my EQ mount and was able to mount a finder-guidescope and 2 cameras side by side on it.

Great I thought.
I can double my imaging time (..great for cloud infested suburban Sydney...).
I can use 2x 50mm lenses and create a panoramic mosaic.
I can even add an extra bar and attempt 3D images.

Last night was clear so I set it up for testing. I had a 135mm lens with a Ha filter on one camera and a 24mm lens with no filter on the other.

Then as I looked at it I had a thought.
Would having the guidescope on the far right and not in the middle over the DEC axis affect the guiding?
If I put the guidescope in the middle and had the cameras on each end, would this still affect the images?

I imaged the Scorpius region for about 4 hours. I guided with PHD and all went well.

This morning when I looked at the images, I noticed that the stars to the left of the frame were not as round as the stars to the right of the frame.This was visible on all the shots from both the 135mm lens and the 24mm lens.

Could this be a result of having the guidescope on the far right of the platform?

What are your thoughts?

Thank you.

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