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SBS system producing image shifting

I've been wanting to get more use out of my Titan mount and so have installed a SBS system on it with a BabyQ on one side and a Vixen R200SS fast Newt on the other. The BabyQ has a SXVR camera on it which means it uses an Ex-View guidecam which integrates with the main camera. On the Vixen, I have just put up an old QHY8. The planned outcome should have been that I can image through both scope/camera systems while guiding for both using the Ex-View camera on the BabyQ.

Previously, the BabyQ on its own tracked and imaged beautifully - no odd things happening. But the Vixen - 8" F4 is decidedly not. Here is an overlay of every 3rd or 4th image out of a sequence - 10 minute subs. There is a real progressive image shift that can't be explained away by the obvious. The guiding remains tight as a fishes' but the Vixen - which is on the other side of the SBS is shifting.

As a comparison, the BabyQ side of the SBS does not seem to exhibit any jump/shift behaviour. I also attach an overlay of images taken before I set up the SBS and another overlay taken with the SBS setup simultaneously with the Vixen image attached. To my eye, there does not seem to be any or any significant shifting in the BabyQ images befor-and-after. But with the Vixen there definitely is.

Is this curable or does it spell the end of my grand plan to bang away with 2 scopes simultaneously?

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