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Originally Posted by dugnsuz View Post
Hi all...

I've recently sold a couple of L lenses and various bits and bobs in order to fund the purchase of a premium refractor in the 90-100mm range.
I've got about $2.5k to spend - that's got to include scope rings, flattener etc so realistically ~$2k for the scope.

I've narrowed my search down to 2 scopes - TMB 92L and TMB 92SS.
Both essentially the same optics but very different hardware

The TMB 92L price allows the purchase of all necessary accessories etc, but I'm worried that the 2" Crayford that gives the scope its L (light) designation won't handle my astrophotography needs - hanging a 1.2kg Astro 40D off the back.

The TMB 92SS on the other hand has a 3" Starlight focuser which you could hang a fat man's hammock off. This scope pushes my budget in that I can't get the flattener straight away - not a drama.

But, I wonder if the focuser on the TMB 92L would handle my DSLR - it looks like a generic, but good quality Chinese model a la Orion Eon scopes?

Or does anyone have a better suggestion in this scope size/price range.

All this s@#t is coming from the US so I've got to factor in $100-200 delivery costs too!!!!

Any thoughts welcome in clearing away this mind-fog.

Hi Doug,

What about something like this:

It seems good value.

Also APM have an astrograph refractor for $2399 I think it was. Not sure of the aperture 130?? I'll see if I ca find it.

$2500 for 92mm aperture doesn't seem good enough value these days.

There's a WO FT132 for $2800 on Astromart.

Over $1000 there is also GST on entry and shipping of course would be in the order of US$300+.

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