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NGC3918 Blue Planetary

26/4/09 NGC3918 Blue Planetary
Backyard light polluted
12" Dob 42mm/20mm/9mm

Found it!!!!! Thanks guys...No mistaking it once I found it. It did take a while for the color to set in, however I put this down to my eyes adjusting as well as light pollution. Moving the object about and averted vision helped to bring out a little elongated smudge. I used three EPs to locate this one. I drew 3 pics which shows what I saw in the EP with each view.

35X helps to locate the larger star patterns
75X helps to close in on the smaller patterns (The Hook for me) & begins ----to show the Neb...a little off center in my drawing.
166X was my best choice for a final sketch. to bed...thanks again for helping me find it.
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