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If you're going to buy a GStar camera, you should buy the kits and not just the bare camera. In the kit you get the camera, filters, power supply, cable etc and the case is a nice one as well. A Lumicon filter selector will cost about $240.

The good thing about purchasing a f/6.3 and/or a f/3.3 FR is that not only will you be able to tailor your shots to extended DSO's like many galaxies, nebulae, globs and OC's, but you'll have the native f/10 of the scope to grab small objects like most PN's, and smaller versions of the above. Plus it's a cracker on planets...and you can use it's ability to go deep for supernova/nova and asteroid patrols, variable star observations etc. Use the FR's to track novae and asteroids down in widefield then pinpoint them at long FL. Or you can piggyback it with a camera lens attached. It even makes a good guide camera.

It's not the be all and end all of cameras. It's not going to produce megapiccies like you see some folks churning out, but for what you pay for it the camera does a good job and will keep most satisfied.
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