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EPSON STYLUS series are pretty good. Capable of up to 5760 dpi and high quality photoquality prints on glossy paper.

I have an EPSON STYLUS C6500 Multifunction that I bought a couple of years ago. Is a really nice unit, wish it did A3 but how often do you need A3 prints.

Most my printing is for uni and is docs (assignments and lecture notes and downloaded papers from lit searches), but it's nice to have printer I can bung in some glossy paper and print a photo with, only up til now, I've not had a digital camera better than 3.2 Mpix and the image quality it produced was pretty ordinary , I now have a 40D and expect to get more out it in future.
The scanning option and copy option are handy too.
Ink is about $15 per colour cartridge and a bit more for black , mine is 3 colour + black. I have stuck with original Epson inks.\

If I were in the market for a new printer -
is what I would likely get.
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