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Novichok test rabbit

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Originally Posted by billdan View Post
If you want to buy locally within Aust', Bintel has a kit of T-Rings for $49.00, that may be suitable for you.
I bought one of those Bintel sets once - every single one of them jammed to the point I had to cut spanner slots on the edges to unscrew them (which is NO fun over a CCD cover glass after it jams in solid!!!). The pitch is cut incorrectly, and there is ample roughness in the grooves and peaks. I always lube my threads with museum-grade micro-crystalline wax, and it still had binding issues, especially with Starlight Xpress and SBIG threads (enough screeching to make my cat go into attack mode!!!).

I solved my issue by having Stefan Buda make me a properly spaced adaptor - those threads are like teflon...
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