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Ha ha, very clever of you on turning a negative into a positive by using the drift as a form of dithering. Despite this you have still captured a lot of fine details. The pillars really show this. It's a shame the RGB didn't pan out but depending how out of focus it is it may still be usable. Did you consider a LRGB composite? With LRGB the RGB data doesn't need to always be razor sharp of course it's better if it is, but it's not critical. So if you think that the RGB data isn't up to par with your other data, then perhaps try using it for saturation rather than definition. Then use your luminance data for the details and if you didn't capture any then the HA data can be used instead.

To get this to work you may have to do a bit more Photoshop wizardry. However, it would be no more than having to painting everything in and since you're already experimenting, it just might be something fun to play with.
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