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EAA Camera suggestions?

Hi everyone, long time lurker, first time poster.

I would like to purchase a dedicated astro camera for a skywatcher star discovery pro 150. This guy here but with a 7*50 finder and an electronic focuser.

I already own an 8 inch dob, with a starpointer pro and a celestron travelscope 70 acting as a secondary scope\wide field finder.

The dob is great to be able to RDF to a target and show 2 people the views to a target, also because its all manual i dont need to teach people how to use it or wrangle any cables or anything so i use it as my grab & go. But for potential outreach and for ease of use by my less able bodied mates I think a EAA setup would be great. Based around my 150 f5 reflector initially, something that allows near real time viewing on a laptop at a desk inside would be ideal.

I'm pretty much sold on a gstar ex3 colour based on this video

this is at the top of my price limit for now, just wondering if this is the right call? done some dslr with this scope and all looked ok so i think i'll be ok for weight.

TLDR version.
I own a Skywatcher 150 f5 reflector on star discovery pro mount
I am thinking of buying a gstar ex3 colour camera
The intended purpose is for my less able bodied friends to see through my scope comfortably on a lappy while i use the dob or talk to people

Thanks for any help or words of wisdom

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