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Originally Posted by luka View Post
Excellent, thanks Rob. That is a different device to Pete's and mine. According to the Internet it talks the same protocol but has a different sensor.

At the moment the driver is working only for our devices but I have started adding framework to support multiple devices. The automatic detection is more complex than I initially thought due to variety of these devices. Yours will be added next.

Can you PM me your email address so I can add you to the shared folder with the drivers. No rush, they won't work with your device yet.
Shall do.

I believe all this device to device variation is what drove the SGP guys mad in the end. Just too hard to keep up, especially if you're charging people for commercial software.

I'm pretty happy with mine and its tracking software - plots humidity and temp all night as well as calculating dew point. Worked well over last couple of weekends here where fog came in on both occasions. Predicted pretty well when that was going to occur.

What are people expecting to get from the ASCOM drive in SGP? Better choice of focusing options?
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