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I found 2 of mine (which are the same as each other) in original packaging
The devices are labelled as TEMPer1

Hardware ID's:

HID\VID_1130&PID_660C&REV_0150&MI_0 1

There were 4 lines of data unlike others that listed 2

In Win10 there was no entry for Bus reported device description
The only property I found anywhere that had the word "Description" was one that said something generic like "HID_Device"

I can send you one if you want to check it out if that helps, just send it back when you're finished.
The installation/setup and ##.msi files were dated 2010 and 2009, some of the other files in the DOTNetFX directory were dated 2004, 2005
So that possibly gives some idea of the vintage

Couldnt find the others which I think were TEMPerHums

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