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Originally Posted by markas View Post
The surface brightness of NGC 300 varies from ~18-19 Mag/square arcsec near the centre to ~24+ at 11 arcmin from the centre. If the sky background is 18.5, as it is from my suburban Melbourne location, then this object is going to be extremely difficult.

From a good dark sky site (SQL 21.4) with a 10" f/3.6 scope a reasonable image is gettable. The image included here is 80min L binned X1 and 3 hours RGB binned X2; camera Moravian G2-8300.
NOW you tell me ...
Had better success with NGC 55 but that still needs a lot more photons. Went back to NGC 253 and added another 90 mins to my existing frames. That is starting to show a lot more detail and colour so I think I'll go back to that for a while and perfect my techniques a bit more while it's viewable.
Still having intermittent weird guiding problems. I ended up doing 30 sec exposures unguided last night and getting excellent results, Metaguide is just not playing ball very well and PHD2 keeps crashing out at start.
The tribulations of it all ...
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