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Sorry to hijack your thread..but you say the SynScan app works perfectly? I purchased the wifi dongle about a month ago for my EQ6. It works fine until you try to do an alignment. The first night I used it in anger, the upon setting the first star for a 2 star alignment, the RA axis accelerated to full speed and was going to slam the scope into the tripod if I didn’t hit the off button. Same again after rebooting. On the third attempt it slewed to the first star correctly, but when I went I to adjust the dec axis to get the star in the crosshairs, it didn’t stop slewing after I took my finger of the button. It kept doing this kind of thing after another 3 reboots. I gave up in the end. I was using an iPhone 11. I tried an Android tablet yesterday arvo indoors. I “simulated” a 1 Star alignment, which seemed to work, but I had the same slewing problem. It kept going after I took my finger of the “button”.

I’m terribly vexed.
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