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Astroart Upgrade V7 sp5

Fabio has released his latest update to Astroart.
His continued support of the amateur community is appreciated.

Hello everybody, a new minor version of Astroart is available:

Version 7.0 SP5 - September 3, 2020
* New feature. Full-frame autoguide for spectrographs.
* New feature. Several options for active optics.
* New feature. Airmass can be saved in the FITS header.
* New feature. Option for "software binning" 2x2 for all cameras.
* Improved. Star atlas icons are arranged on three rows when needed.
* Improved. Script commands for selected points.
* Improved. Script commands for rectangles and masks.
* Bug fix. Script command PasteText did not work.
* Bug fix. GIF animations did not loop in browsers.
* Bug fix. Star atlas showed a wrong telescope position if JNow enabled.
* Bug fix. Full-frame autoguide on multiple stars failed if bad polar alignment.
* Bug fix. Option "Copy missing borders" did not work with rotated images.
* Bug fix. Windows of telescope and focuser misplaced if multiple monitors.

The multi-star autoguide is now available for "guiding on slit", for spectrographs.
About the AOs, there are new features
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