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something I posted in another thread:
Originally Posted by Allan_L View Post
Maybe try to check the integrity of the encoders.

Centre an object.
Note the RA Dec from the hand controller.

(This is from the skywatcher manual
Utility > Show Position - This displays the coordinates of the location where the telescope is currently pointed. The coordinates can be displayed in Dec and RA, Alt and Azm, or Ax1 (the angular reading of the elevation) and Ax2 (the azimuth axes of the mount). Use the scroll keys to choose your desired reading

Rotate the mount through 360* then check that the RA Dec reading is the same.

You may also move it back and forth to try to induce any encoder slippage error and return to the original object to check the displayed RA Dec are the same.
The accuracy is always best in the quadrant where your alignment stars are.
I also found the accuracy decreased as the night got colder.
That other thread also had some hints on picking quality alignment stars, just in case you missed it.
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