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First Item is Now Reserved - Anymore Takers?

Originally Posted by GC - South Aus View Post
G'day All

Time to break up the band!

Whilst selling as a bulk lot was my preference, here are the individual prices:

- FS-60CSV OTA (60CB RRP $1050) - My Price: $800 + Postage
- 1.7x Extender (RRP $455) - My Price: $320 + Postage
- Finder & Holder (RPP $215) - My Price: $110 + Postage This item is reserved - pending more sales.
- 2 x OTA Clamshell Tube Holder (different styles/types) (RRP $165ea = $330) - My Price $90ea + Postage

Alternatively, still happy to sell as a bulk lot for $1300 + Postage

G'day All

First item is reserved.

But, will need more to go before I will consider splitting.

Minimum of the OTA to go first!

I would like to make this clear though, preference is still to sell as a whole - so should someone want it whole that is how I will sell it!

Otherwise I will be keeping the whole package for now.