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Canon 17-55 F 2.8 Lens,anyone using one?

I need to buy a short focal range lens,I recently bought two canon L

series lens,one for long range,another for mid range work, I now need something that takes good pics in the shorter range,was going to get

Canon 24-70,but from what i heard there are many un-happy owners of that lens,also i have a crop camera,so 24 is really over 40,i do want

something in wider range,I poked arround on POTN etc,the 17-55 F2,8

takes loverly photos,the glass is supposedly L quality,the build a bit offish.the price is rather dear! a bit shocked that its $1350 for a plastic lens,also dust issues in front of lens,one needs to buy some sort of filter
straight away.

So if anyone using please let me know how you find it.

thank you
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