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Camera for Ha solar imaging

This will really get Niko laughing, but...

After putting Malcolm Barker's DMK 41 on my ED80 with Lunt 50mmHa filter and B1200 at Snake Valley I am now contemplating putting a camera on this scope for solar imaging. I've been looking at the ZWO ASI 103MM mono CMOS camera which has a 6.66 mm x 5.32mm imaging area and 5.2x5.2 micron pixels.

I reckon I still won't be able to get the full disc in one shot with the 600mm focal length of my scope so I will have to use a reducer or do a mosaic for full disc images.


Will a 0.5 focal reducer have a significant impact on image quality
Compared to the DMK 41 the pixel size of the ZWO is a bit bigger 5.2x5.2 vs 4.65x4.65. Is this likely to be reflected in significantly poorer image quality?

What I like about the ZWO is that the sensor is bigger than the DMK 41 and the price about half.

Thanks for any thoughts
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