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Originally Posted by leinad View Post
That's good. I thought this was more so a glass, light, CCD coverglass effect with the filters, not that they could be defective.
I noticed my Ha Astronomik has halo effects with the FSQ even the luminance which I only got with the QSI last year. Might have to get some data sets done with each and get Gerd's opinion.

If you can post up a NB sample with your new filters that would be great.
Cover glass halos are very small if at all. Probably overhyped as an issue.
Its an antireflection coating issue primarily and a blacken the edges issue secondarily (it affects the flats more than anything).

I have had some older Astronomik filters. I quite liked them apart from the fact that they were only 1mm thick and all the other companies filters were 3mm and most filter wheels were geared up to hold 3mm thick filters. Gerd eventually came out with spacers but not before a few got damaged by getting loose in the filter wheel.

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