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My EP’s are as follows. see picture

Pentax 30 XW
Hyperion 17
Hyperion 5
Burgess/TMB Planetary 3.2
Burgess/TMB Planetary 4
Burgess/TMB Planetary 7
Plossl 9
Plossl 15
Plossl 26

TV Panoptic 24 (arriving in a few weeks)
I am thinking of getting a Vixen LVW, not sure what focal length yet.

I really love the 30 XW. Great sharpness, through-put and contrast. Slight field curvature with my F5 scope, but a lot better than other EP’s I have looked through. Gives me close to 1.7 degrees of sky. Felt like quality right from the day I picked it up. Was going to wait for the BO/TMB 30mm but got the XW instead.

The Hyperions are really good for the money. Very comfortable to use, excellent eye relief. It has a thread under the rubber eye cup so a T-ring and SLR can be attached for eyepiece projection photography. The XW also has this feature.

The Burgess/TMB Planetary’s are great. Love the screw up eye cups, same as the XW. The 7mm also doubles as a deep sky EP on certain objects. Don’t get to use the 3.2mm much as the atmosphere can rarely support it.

The Plossl’s came with the scope.
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