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Originally Posted by clive milne View Post
I have no experiential basis to state how this focuser compares to the Atlas, but the Reginato looks to be an interesting contender :
For those contemplating AO, the built in FR makes it look attractive.

I'll grant you, on board self guide is convenient.
However, I might be so bold as to suggest the following combination will dust its pants:
SXV-AO -> OAG -> Lodestar... then filter wheel.
The caveat to this is finding an anastigmatic OTA with enough back focus to use it.
Also, forget it if you are using a 16803 chip... A 6303 is probably the limit unless you have a wildly diverging light cone.
The self guide is very, very convenient. I basically got into imaging with a sbig st4000xcm and ao8, which worked a treat because filters were not needed.

I also have a stl11k and aol combo which also works well with AO, and granted I do have filter attenuation, the ao works best in luminance where all the detail is anyways. At worst with the filters instead of superfast guiding, effectively I am only moving a small prism for corrections, rather than 100 odd kilos of scope and mount. I have since ordered the innovations foresight's new onag xt to try with AOL and sbig remote guide head, I'm very keen to see how that works out. I did try the moag route, but I didnt like it.

The SBIG ao prism guiders have been flawless in every regard. No jamming unlike the sx-ao. I'm sure sbig will do a great job with the std-ao. Also the lodestar has no shutter for darks which makes remote darks impossible. Although I am not sure if the sbig filter/guider has a shutter?

Clive: thanks for the rotofoc info I hadn't heard of it. I have been googling rotators for weeks and now that my new 3 inch pyxis has arrived... now I see the rotofoc.
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