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Originally Posted by TheAstroChannel View Post
G'day to all, i recently bought the Orion Starshoot IV and I'm having some trouble. I took it out last night for a spin, centered Saturn in the eyepiece (20mm) Then swapped out the eyepiece for the Camera, but when i looked at the live capture, i could see nothing. I would like a solution to this!! :/

Thanks to anyone that can help
Hi Sean,
Agree with others, could be settings, If you set the Starshoot exposure to 1 sec, with the rest @ default, it should capture any naked eye star;
On the other point, Re: extension, this should also be taken into the equation, I use my Starshoot with an ED80 refractor, but I also need an extension to get focus, in which I use a 90deg angle, adding approx 40-50mm ! But this will no doubt be different between scopes, Dobs, cassegrains etc ?
Also, if focusing by hand, do it slowely, ie, 1/4 turn every 3-4secs, this will allow the image to settle.
Hope this helps ,,
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