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Originally Posted by PCH View Post
Hi Guys,

wow, there are some very interesting points being raised that, as a bit of a beginner, I'd never have thought of on my own. So thanks to you all for raising these points.

@Andy - sure, I understand about buying into the 'system'. That may have certain pricing limitations, but as you point out, generally things just 'work' when the parts are all from the same place.

@Chris - great news Chris! It's always encouraging to see your choice ranks so well consistently. And that is a fascinating comment about the number of bodies that guys lens has worked it's way through !!

@Phil - Yes, I can understand the after-market lenses may not have the same consistency as the bigger names, and I hear what you're saying about 'genuine' labels being more consistently up to scratch.

Thanks guys, - to all who have taken the time and trouble to offer replies and helpful suggestions. It has been genuinely much appreciated.

After some deliberation and consideration, I'll get the Canon 100mm F2.8 non IS. It can't be a bad choice, - so here goes. Fingers crossed

You will certainly have a lot of fun and enjoyment with that great lens,that price you mention from DWI plus postage and insurance is very reasonable,all my last 4 parcels from DWI have taken less than 3 days to arrive in country QLD.a recent parcel from Melbourne took 14 days (no wonder so many people get stuff from OS these days).

There is nothing wrong with the other brand of macros mentioned,they all give good sharp results.But as mentioned when a system is adopted its just best to get all the same brand-so all dovetails well in the field,there is nothing worse than trying to do something in the field and fighting with the gear.As Dennis Simions says,when you have really good gear it blends into the back ground,and you forget about it,and can concentrate on you task or assignment.
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