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Originally Posted by strongmanmike View Post
Extremely excited for you Bert .. as I said this is like a super FSQ on steroids.. ah sigh.. should I ever come into some money . Exciting times ahead mate...I think there will be a few watching and waiting to see your results

Mike, Cris Ellis from Astronomy Alive has just informed me that a new version with a carbon fibre tube is now the better version. He can supply this astrograph with adapter and FLI Atlas focuser already factory fitted.
I have also ordered a fancy case to take it to dark sky sites.

The field is 42mm diameter unvignetted but is still sharp after this. The FLI 16803 would vignette slightly at the corners.

I will be patient and not get too excited as I have a lot of work ahead to get up to any sort of competence.

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