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Originally Posted by Mighty_oz View Post
It will be a real pleasure to see what u can do with this new setup as the curent images are a marvel
Hope it all arrives real soon for u !
I am sure I can get something decent but mastering will take time. Weather will be massively affected by such a large purchase!


Originally Posted by Moon View Post
That will be the ultimate dream system.
Get ready for a big learning curve and try not to think about the $$$ leakage too much.
I can't help with the filters - never been faster than f/3.8 myself.
How are you planning to do flat fields?
I will need to get one of those light box thingies. Bert

Originally Posted by Terry B View Post
How terrible- cutting an expensive scope in half.

Good luck with the very expensive new set up. I hope the images live up to your expectations.
Only perseverance and hard work will get me there. Possession does not give you magical abilities. Bert
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