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You and I sometimes don't see eye to eye, but on this occassion you have made a great choice.

First up, the PMX is just another great mount by software bisque. You will really like this mount type once you get it rocking. It takes a couple of nights to get everything right but after that it is set. This to be wary of are PEC. I am using Software bisque precision PEC and that works pretty well. You will need to sort out which pointing system works, but I am told the SkyX with the Tpoint add on does not require something like pinpoint and Tpoint Automapper. However, I would just check up on this. It is really easy to use and once you have setup all the programs that interface with it you will sit and wonder as it collects points.

Next that scope is pretty damn nice. I have seen a lot of images from them (Tom Davis owns one I think) and well you know more about optics and that is why you bought that.

The FLI gear is great, although I have heard some odd things about the focusor. Some here in SA broke two of them. Apparently they just cannot hold heaps of weight but talk to Big Mike about this as he knows a lot about their gear. The camera will be superb with rapid cooling and hi speed down load. Certainly the top of the range in terms of cameras.

Filters. I use astronomiks but I reckon the Astrodon ones are better. You might want to check anti reflection as that can be a problem sometimes. However the Astrodons are most often chosen. Band pass is slight better than the astronomiks and these are reputed to be more par focal (if more can be acheived). Perhaps keep to the 65mm square filters too. Someone like Greg will be able to tell you if you can get away with the 50mm filters. I suspect not though. Also imaging from the city 5nm narrowband is better than 12nm. 12 lets in some stray light and that can mean gradients.

Overall a great system and no doubt one you will never need to replace. Yes lots of money but you have chosen well. Wish I could afford those optics.
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