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New Astrophotography System

I have gone as far as I can with the Canon 5DH and Canon 300mm lens. I just seem to be doing ever bigger mosaics.

The system is not portable because of the frankenfridge.

I am in the process of odering a Paramount MX so I can image from inside where it is warm.

To go with this a
Officina Stellare "Veloce" RH 200 Riccardi-Honders Astrograph
This is a 200mm clear aperture F3 with a FL of 600mm. Yes F3!

Image train
FLI Atlas Focuser, FLI CFW-5-7 filter wheel and Camera FLI PL16803.

Any advice on filters and does the 65mm shutter come standard with the PL16803.

I am considering the Astronomic 50mm square filters. RGBL and Ha, O3, S.

At F3 should the NB filters be 6nm or 12nm? I suspect 12nm would be better and not suffer from vignetting. by attenuation.

Below are a few pictures. The last shows the FoV compared to the Canon 300mm system.

Any advice is very welcome as I am looking into the abyss of a money hole and a very steep learning curve to get out.


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