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Hi Frank

I don’t know for sure, but I have read reports that several people have tried certain USB to Parallel adapters and they have not worked, as the adapter did not emulate a true Parallel port. It might be worth trying the SBIG Support Forum to see if anyone has posted results that have been successful.

So, before you purchase an adapter, I’d make sure there is some history of the particular model working correctly, if such a beast is available.

A possible alternate solution might be to use a docking station with legacy connectors. This is what I do for my 6 year old IBM ThinkPad R40 where with the docking station, I get a Parallel and Serial Port as well as x4 extra USB2 ports. The R40 already has a native Parallel port but doesn’t have the RS232 Serial Port and is limited to x2 USB so the Docking Station helps here.


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