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Originally Posted by Peter Ward View Post
If you are not interested in self-guiding, self guided spectroscopy, differential guiding and adaptive optics...oh, and the electronics to drive a remote guide head, yep, this integrated solution is redundant

Sorry, couldn't resist
Thats a bit of a stretch to say that. Im not interested in spectroscopy at all. But I am interested in guiding but the disadvantage of the dual chip system is particularly shown with narrow band imaging where the light is dropped by the filter covering both chips. Differential guiding - easy with a separate guide scope. Finding a guide star with a separate scope - easy. Never had flexture etc and find it a supremely easy system to set up and start guiding.
Your welcome to your opinions but they are not mine as I go about things differently to you. I have used both and just didnt like SBIG for the cluncky software, dual chip, the weight of the unit, not easily finding a guide and the heavy noise in the frame. My opinion and I think good ones. Your welcome to yours.

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