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Originally Posted by Peter Ward View Post
I doubt SBIG would still be around after 20 years of supplying dodgy CCD products.
Somehow I didn't read into Allans post that he was accusing SBIG of supplying a dodgy product. It may well have been that his particular SBIG camera suffered from excessive noise but I would be interested to know what communication he had with SBIG to rectify the problem and what solution was offered. I have come across a couple of complaints which had more to do with the cleanliness of the sensor (dust issues) in SBIG cameras. As for the dual guide chip issue I believe SBIG has addressed that with the introduction of a remote guide port which allows the use of a separate SBIG guide camera plus you can send your existing camera back to have this upgrade carried out. Somehow I cannot be convinced that the Sony Sensors used predominately in QHY cameras (QHY8 included) are better than the Kodak KAI & KAF sensors used in SBIG cameras. This is why there is a considerable price difference between the two brands.

I have just been in contact with SBIG regarding having the sensor in my camera replaced/upgraded and whilst the communication has been somewhat slow I am pleased that they offer an upgrade solution which gives a degree of flexible possible cost effective options. This is something I have yet to see readily advertised with other CCD camera manufacturers.

Either way SBIG isn't going to be able to please everybody and for those not happy with SBIG there are the other options, Apogee, QSI, QHY, Starlight. Competition is great.

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