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Ive owned dual chip SBig and QHY8. Wouldnt get another SBig in a fit. If you want quality service from someone that cares and will bend over backward to help - I couldn't better QHY and Theo. Sbig are big and have a way to go to understand what it meant for someone starting out ie a real amateur to make an investment and then start the learning process. I hated the constrains of the dual chip and found it utterly frustrating, never a guidestar when you needed one and the monochips (when I was using it were) as noisy as all hell. The top end cameras are great from SBig but Id never afford one or buy one as this is my hobby and not an obsession.
Just my personal opinion - but once Ive reached the limits of the QHY8 then something newer will be there to step up to, but it had better be easy to use, light, compact and be compatable with all my other stuff, cos by then Ill be a really grumpy old man.
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