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Originally Posted by sjen2004 View Post
Thanks Dennis,
I'm just starting out and wanted to keep my budget under $1000. SBig's seem a few years away.
Regards Simon
Yeah – it’s certainly an expensive hobby!

Although some ccd’s can perform like a “Jack of all Trades”, my experience has been that that ccd cameras designed and optimized for specific types of astro photography, such as Lunar/Planetary/Solar versus Deep Sky, tend to produce the best results when used as the designer intended for those targets.

You might find that the DFK41 isn’t the best for Lunar/Planetary/Solar nor is it the best for Deep Sky, so you could end up disappointed on both fronts?

The smaller DMK21 seems to be the (relatively) low cost entry for Lunar/Planetary/Solar, so I would browse the Forum to see what users here have produced with that camera, and maybe leave deep sky stuff for later on?

Also, have a look at Mike’s review of the DMK21 vs. DMK41 in the reviews section.


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