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Hi Simon

Thanks for the details.

In my opinion, the DMK/DBK and DFK series of cameras are more suited to high resolution Lunar, Solar & Planetary imaging where you use short exposures (1/5 to 1/30 sec) and stack 100’s to 1000’s of frames to obtain the final image.

For deep sky images, where typically you might be exposing for say 30 seconds to 300 seconds, these cameras are less suited. They tend to produce a noisy image when exposed for longer than a few seconds.

I think that the DFK also has a built in IR/UV filter which I suspect is not optimised for astro photography, so it may cut out or clip parts of the spectrum unnecessarily, making your exposure times longer.

When I have used my DBK21AF04.AS for exposures of between 5 secs and 10 secs the images were quite noisy and took a lot of work to clean up. Also, these cameras are not as sensitive as dedicated deep sky cameras, so you might struggle when trying to record faint details in galaxies and nebulae.

I do enjoy using my DKB21 on colourful double stars, but my SBIG ST7 is heaps more sensitive, but also a lot more expensive! If you have a DSLR, that might be a good way to experiment before lashing out on a DFK41 and risk being disappointed?


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