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They work really well Paul,

I use the USB2 version with my colour Mallincam and a friend of mine uses the firewire version with his Mallincam.
They are excellent converters for use with Astro video systems and the IC capture software works good.
They would work well for the G-star and mintron cameras but for use with the the colour Mallincam with the colour adjustment bars you can adjust settings easily for getting the best "live" picture up on screen its a match made in heaven.
No compression of the video output and you can adjust the screen lines to suit your camera without loss of sharpness.
I can recommend one of these for use with the astro videos but for live viewing I still prefer the clarity that a CRT screen provides.
One really good feature is the ability to set what frames you want to keep when you press record. I usually have it set on record every 1 out of every 50th frame so when the video is streaming in and with the Mintron/g-star every 2.5 seconds refresh or mallincam up to 56 second refresh you only record a few frames per refresh and then you can go over them later and keep the ones you want or stack them. This also stops you from filling your drive up to quickly with lots of unwanted frames, which can happen with video streaming into a laptop.
If anyone is looking an Australian distributer then I got mine from "Total turnkey sollutions" in Sydney. Easier than ordering from overseas and around same price.

Regards Matt.

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