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You need to get creative Fred. Imaging the night sky has many possibilities. Here's one for you... You're a suburban imager hindered by light pollution. Collect your Ha data on the suburban Meade/G11 but collect the RGB on your GRAS scope. Hence you'll get the clean RGB to compliment the Ha data. Of course the end result is still semi pro, but it would make a killer image. Or you could collect the ha data on the RC, then match some OIII and SII from the Meade/G11. I could keep going and going.

There are no rules on hybrid're judged on the finished product. In fact, the image I referenced in the previous post, I obtained data from you (with permission) to complete it. This was a hybrid image - data taken from a 12.5" RC and a 10" RC (both remote rental scopes). I was still the principle author who took the credit, but I did acknowledge you in CWAS description - assisted with additional data. Wasn't frowned upon. Collaborative work like this goes on all the time - as per rule#6.
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